Men’s GreenStride™ Bradstreet Ultra Leather Sneakers

Color: Navy Nubuck
Style: A29Q8019
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This men’s Bradstreet Ultra style has the polished look of an oxford and the cushiony soft footbed of a sneaker. Plus, it’s crafted with our new GreenStride™ comfort soles, which are made with natural renewable materials, and eco-conscious leather and linings.
Better Leather from a tannery rated silver by the Leather Working Group for its water, energy, and waste management practices|ReBOTL™ fabric lining containing at least 50% recycled plastic|GreenStride™ comfort soles made of 75% renewable sugar cane and responsibly sourced rubber|Rubber outsole|Imported


  • Better Leather
    Better Leather
    Environmentally responsible leather sourced from tanneries rated silver or gold by the Leather Working Group for their water, energy and waste management practices.
  • GreenStride™
    GreenStride™ technology provides one of the most eco-conscious and comfortable experiences that we have ever invented. Comfort in most shoes is delivered through a soft foam material called EVA which is typically made from petroleum-based ingredients. As we lessen our footprint and increase our use of renewable materials, we have replaced 75% of the petroleum with ingredients grown in nature, like sugar cane and rubber sourced from sustainably managed forests. The addition of natural rubber helps provide rebound and overall comfort.