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We’re going to let you in on a secret. “Transitional weather” is just fancy talk for “too hot for a coat, too cold for just a shirt.” Plagued with this problem for years, we knew there had to be a better way to dress during these stressful conditions.

Enter the shirt jacket (known as a “shacket” for the advanced). Our Lovewell Mountain Thermo Fibre Shirt Jacket is styled like a shirt but made with thicker materials so that it’s as protective as a light jacket. It’s the answer you’ve been searching for during changing seasons.

Just like our reversible shirts [link to reversible shirts] and earmuffs that double as headphones, [link to headphones if online] we like our items to be multi-functional without sacrificing style.

Here are 5 reasons you should grab a shirt jacket this season:

  1. You’re Always Prepared

Did you step out on a sunny day that suddenly turned chilly on you? Did a cold blustery day transform into a warm afternoon in the park? Either way, it doesn’t matter because in this shirt jacket, you’re prepared. Who else can say that, aside from turtles? No one.


  1. It Makes You King of Layering

During fall, it’s easy for someone to get caught wearing heavy layers on warmer days (leading to sweaty, uncomfortable commutes) or underdressing for chilly temperatures (leading to shivering walks between the restaurant and the bar). But not you in this quilted shirt jacket.

But layering not only keeps you warm – we love it because it also enhances your look to add a layer. Wear it over a slim cardigan or lightweight sweater on cooler days.


  1. You Can Pack Lighter

On weekends away – be they city breaks taking in the sights or a cabin getaway in the mountains, this jacket will solve the ultimate packing dilemma: how to be prepared for any weather but still travel light? Slip this into your backpack and worry about more important things, like where the closest record store is or where to catch the best view of the sunset.


  1. You’ll Stay Warm Without Being Weighed Down

Our shirt jacket was designed as a lightweight alternative to down that insulates in cold, wet conditions. The Thermo Fibre material inside traps heat in air pockets to provide warmth. In other words, you’ll stave off the autumn chill on brisk mornings grabbing your first cup of joe or on your way to happy hour after sunset.


  1. It Looks Really Good

It’s as simple as that. Wear it with jeans and your favorite boots, or over a t-shirt and relaxed dark chinos. The quilted material is classic, but the cut is rugged. Our Lovewell Mountain Thermo Fibre Shirt Jacket is modern but timeless. Casual but polished. Tailored but not tight. A shirt in a jacket. All the best things in one and your style staple this fall.

When two good things are found in one, well, we call that great. Grab a shacket, and you’ll never have to learn the meaning of transitional weather.