823_leather jacket and black jeans prosecco & plaid-2

Style editor Jessica Kirby shows us why your jacket should be leather, whatever the weather

A high quality leather jacket may be a big ticket purchase, but once you make the plunge, you’ll never look back. It’s hard not to look cool in a leather jacket. Spring, summer, winter, and fall, it looks as good over a beat-up tee and jeans as a breezy floral frock. Whether you’re heading to brunch with friends or hitting up a festival, it’s the one piece that will never look out of place. Here are just a few of the ways a classic leather jacket will up your style game this season.

823_Leather Jacket and Skirt Prosecco & Plaid

#1. You can wear it with a midi skirt.

Step up your coffee-run game with some over-caffeinated attitude by adding a leather jacket to the mix. Worn over a basic long sleeve tee with a pleated midi skirt and sneakers, the Belknap Leather Bomber exudes rebel chic.

823_festival look

#2. You can wear it to complete your festival look.

Festival season has arrived, so inject a little rock & roll edge into your boho threads with the Mount Tabor Leather (#A1F5Y) trucker. It’s rugged enough for navigating muddy fields and warm enough to keep the chill off while rocking out until the wee hours of the morning. The perfect topper for jean shorts and a breezy blouse or a chambray dress, drape it over your shoulders for ‘off-duty model’ cool.


#3. You can wear it with stripes.

Stripes are a major staple of my wardrobe and I’m always looking for ways to freshen up the look. A button-up leather jacket earns its stripes by toughening up a sweater and jeans.


#4. You can wear it with neutrals.

Neutrals are having a major moment on the fashion scene right now. From crisp whites to creamy pastels, there’s nothing more polished and chic than an understated palette. Top with a leather jacket to keep your look from getting too dainty.

823_worn-in jeans

#5. You can wear it with your favorite worn-in jeans on weekend adventures.

With functional pockets and a comfortable fit, this Tenon Leather Field

Jacket (#A1GCT) is so cool that I wish they made it for women! Relaxed style and great for layering, it’s perfect for the man on the move.


#6. You can wear it with plaid.

A tried and true favorite, the Mount Doublehead Nubuck Hydro Jacket is a great compliment to the plaid button down. The vintage look has that crucial 70s appeal, but updated with waterproof leather which means it won’t get destroyed when one of your buddies inevitably spills their beer on your brand-new jacket at happy hour.

823_leather jacket and black jeans prosecco & plaid-2

#7. You can wear it with a denim shirt.

For a menswear look that mixes rugged with understated cool, add a leather jacket to your denim outfit. Mix and match your denims – a light wash shirt and black jeans – with leather boots for a foolproof outfit that’ll take you from morning coffee all the way through to happy hour.