Finding The Perfect Fitting Timberland® Pants




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No one wants badly fitting jeans (or chinos), so we’ve taken a new look at our range of fits and tweaked them, improved them, and added a whole new style just for good measure. It’s time to fix up and look sharp.


The Skinny




Introducing the new Skinny. These pants are brand new for 2016 and are our sleekest, snuggest fit yet. From the low rise to the stretch material and fitted cuff, the Mirror Lake CoolMax® Denim go great with our soft (but rugged) Mumford River Indigo Shirt and some of our classic 6-inch Premium Boots. And as our skinniest fit, it goes without saying that it’s also one of our most stylish.


The Slim Fit



Skinny not for you? Then try Slim – same low rise front that you know and love, but they’re a bit roomier around the cuffs. Try our Squam Lake cotton and linen mixed pants – they look smart whether teamed with a navy Mount Mansfield Varsity Bomber Jacket or a Pleasant River Oxford Shirt.


The Straight Fit



Not after the urban hipster look? Our Straight fit pants do exactly what they say on the tin – these are rugged, hardworking pants that will move as much as you do. They’re perfect for a day out in the city or at work, with a high rise front and a cut that’s straight from the knee down. Our Squam Lake Five Pocket 100% cotton pants come in five different colors, so you’ll feel at home no matter what you’re doing.


The Tapered Cut



Finally, if you’re after a loose fit, head for our Tapered jeans. Roomier up top with  a slight taper at the cuff, these offer a relaxed style that’s at home at work or play. Our new Chapman Lake Patchwork Denim work this look to a tee with 100% cotton and button fly.


Once you’ve found your favorite personal style and cut, buy our jeans and chinos knowing they’ll fit exactly the way you like.


However, we recommend mixing and matching for your wardrobe.


After all, you never know when a die-hard skinny jeans lover will yearn for more leg room and when a tapered jeans fan will want to dress up. Why limit yourself to only one style?