Stylist Alice Burnfield takes our Nantasket Backpack out for a ride


On an average week, I’ll spend about 10 hours cycling across the city. I don’t go anywhere without my bike. It’s fast, easy, free – plus all that fresh air as you weave in and out of the hectic streets really wakes you up in the morning.

A big part of my job as a fashion stylist is meeting with designers, viewing shoot locations, attending model castings and racing around the city from showroom to shoot – I’m almost always in a rush. So I need a bag that’s hard-wearing, stylish, roomy (for all my gear), but also comfortable when logging up those miles.

For me, the best bag to commute with, hands down, has to be a backpack. The new Nantasket is great – it hits just the right balance between practical and stylish. The canvas fabric gives the bag a utilitarian, almost military feel, which I love, and the buffalo leather details add a refined quality – and will look even better as the bag ages.




The bag is deceptively large which is helpful when you have to carry your office on your back. I always got my laptop and a notebook – I go through notepads at an alarming rate – plus all my stylist essentials: pins, double-sided tape, scissors, lint roller, tape measure, sewing kit. Since I don’t have time to for a sit-down meal, I carry an arsenal of snacks for the day — apples, chocolate, sandwiches… whatever I can fit in and eat in a jiffy! I’ve discovered that the two inner pockets and outer zipper pocket are great for stashing things I need to get to quickly, like my phone, wallet and camera.



And after the end of a busy week, the Nantasket transitions to my off-duty bag as well. This weekend, I used it to cart home my entire farmer’s market haul.  It’s become my go-to bag whether I’m flying around town for meetings or tossing in a change of clothes and a juicy novel for a weekend away.