Packing List: Essentials for a Winter Weekend Away


Getting out into the great outdoors during a cold spell can be one of the most liberating experiences around. Just loading up and heading off for the weekend (minus all the usual planning and spending insane amounts of cash that a vacation often entails) is a rare pleasure.

But how to make your excursion less ‘Cabin In The Woods’ and more like the relaxing weekend break you crave?

The key is in the planning: keep it to just the essentials (and maybe leave that full drum set at home).

Rather than stuffing a whole drawer full of sweaters into your bag, pack a lightweight raincoat like our Ragged Mountain Packable Jacket or our M65 Mt. Davis jacket (pictured) layered over our Skye Peak Gilet and dark jeans. Worn with the Euro Hiker, you’ll be warm and dry when and wherever you hit the trail.


Once you get back from a winter afternoon walk, hunker down for a movie night. Try coming of age, adventure classic Into The Wild which tells the true story of student and athlete Christopher McCandless, who abandons his possessions and donates his entire $24,000 savings to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. An epic adventure bound to get you in the outdoor mood (speaking of which – don’t forget to bring food on this journey. And do not eat any berries while out and about. You’ll see why.).

Or if you’d rather rely on your own imagination, and for a slice of literary (non-horror) escapism, add in the Booker Prize winning The Luminaries for a chilly winter’s tale set in scenic New Zealand.


Don’t leave home without some waterproof footwear. And you can pack in an awful lot of panache – not to mention water and windproofing – with our 6-inch Premium Boots, making them perfect for the great unknown. But all that would be for nothing if your feet are toasty but your torso is borderline hypothermic, so don our Cherry Mountain Quilted Bomber (pictured), which has thermo-fibre insulation to keep the chill out.

Alternatively, our DryVent Rosebrook Parka is breathable and waterproof, making it great for tackling the elements, night or day.


Add warm socks, a thermos, a pack of cards and travel essential Jenga* to these items, all packed into our stylish Nantasket Duffel (which doubles as a backpack) and you’re set to go. No extra baggage needed.

*Jenga not actually essential.