Leather has been the foundation of the Timberland brand since we created our Original Yellow Boot.

One of the greatest things about leather is its unique ability to get better with age. In time, it forms to your body and develop a rich patina, making it truly one-of-a-kind. In fact, that's why craftsmanship matters so much. How it's made is as important as what it's made with.

While it's been more than 40 year since we created our iconic boot, many of the 80 steps that go into building it are still done with hand. We bring this passion for craftsmanship to every leather product we make - knowing it's going to be with somebody for years to come.

Love Your Leather & It'll Love You Back

Ever since we made our Original Yellow Boot in 1973, we've been perfecting our use of leather.

Today it's as premium and durable as ever- and now we get it from tanneries that have achieved a Silver or Gold rating by the Leather Working Group with regard to environmental sustainability.
But the most eco-sensitive thing we can do is make products that last- built with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

High and Dry

Timberland Waximum is an easy-to-apply waterproof treatment designed to soften and protect oiled and waxed leathers without compromising breathability.

Every time you wear it, it gets to know you better.

Sure, there are thousands of leather tanneries in the world. But we only work with 12 that meet our standards. When we say premium, we mean it.

Our Original Yellow Boot paved the way for every Timberland waterproof boot that followed.