Designed for style, built with warmth.

The Timberland brand was born from a singular goal: protecting people from the elements so they can spend more time outdoors. Today we combine modern innovation and time-tested materials with beautiful design - creating footwear and apparel that that keeps people warm, comfortable and looking their best.

Our warmest materials come from nature itself or are inspired by nature: down, wool, shearing and Primaloft- a down-like material prized for its warmth. That's why they 're so good at protecting people from the elements - insulating from extreme cold, yet breathable, and - in the case of wool, shearing and Primaloft- water resistant. But beyond their ability to keep the cozy in and the cold out, we love them because they look as great as they feel.

Unmatched warmth & style

Nothing performs like Primaloft insulation. Its cashmere-soft fibers are nearly as warm and light as down- and unlike down it maintains its insulating properties when wet. Best of all, it allows our designers to create exceptionally warm layers with minimal bulk for a modern, street-ready look.

Versatile as it gets

Primaloft insulation packs down easily and weighs next to nothing, so you can stash your jacket in your bag - so you have all the warmth you need at a moment's notice.

Made to move

A high warmth-to-weight ratio means you don't need bulk to stay warm. And because it's breathable, you'll stay drier and feel warmer - even when you're on the move.

Parkas, puffers, bombers and vests - when it comes to warmth and great looks, it' s hard to beat natural shearling.

Nothing keeps you warm like a few hundred thousand feathers. We use the finest European down to keep the warmth in and the cold out.