Wool - Nature's Miracle Fiber.

You'll find premium wool. Throughout our product line.
Because it's warm, it's comfortable. And it look's great, season after season.

Whether we' re sourcing our wool fabric from our partners at Pendleton Woolen Mills and Harris Tweed or using our own suppliers, we' re choosing it for its remarkable insulation, ease-of-care and great looks.

Warm, soft, easy to care for and always look great - it's no wonder we use wool in everything from our hats to our boots. We source our own wool from hand-selected mills and partner with legendary wool suppliers like Pendleton and Harris Tweed, who 've been perfecting their use of the material for generations.

Why do we love the stuff ?

Built-in Thermostat

Because it breathes so well, wicks away moisture, insulates even when it's wet and provides protection from the sun, it's the perfect material for the outdoors.

Whether we're using our own or partnering with the legendary wool experts at Pendleton and Harris Tweed, we're bringing more wool to the Timberland collection. We love the stuff because it looks great, feels great and pairs perfectly with leather.

Shear Excellence

The wool we use in our products comes from sheep's annual shearing- their once-a-year hair-cut that keeps them cool in the summer heat.


We call it"Nature's Miracle Fiber" because of its uncanny ability to help regulate your body temperature, resist staining and keep you dry.



AMERICAN ICONS: Timberland X Pendleton

Sourced from the 73 archives - The year Timberland was founded - Pendleton's heritage patterns are reborn as Timberland boots.

Pendleton Woolen Mills has been around since 1863, producing some of the world' s finest wool in its Oregon mill. Partnering with Pendleton, we' ve sourced a selection of heritage patterns from their 1973 archive - celebrating the year Timberland was founded.

We discovered a pattern with a color that perfectly matched our Original Yellow Boot. Here is the story of bringing two great American brands together.

East Meets West

Timberland and Pendleton have their roots in crafting products that thrive in the outdoors. Pendleton, based in Oregon, and Timberland, based in New Hampshire, have grown through the generations to become iconic American brands - with a shared belief in uncompromised quality.

Timberland X Harris Tweed

Premium Wool Like Never Before

Through the generations.

Legendary Harris Tweed . Worn by royalty, adored on the Fashion runways- and now featured in Timberland footwear and apparel.

Off the coast of Scotland lies a chain of small islands called the Outer Hebrides - the source of some of the world' s finest wool cloth, knit by native islanders. This is Harris Tweed, and to earn the label it must be made here in the Outer Hebrides using age-old skills passed on from one generation to the next. Now from the first time, Timberland is using this exceptional wool in our footwear and apparel.

Adored by all

From royalty to Hollywood icons to the finest designers of couture, Harris Tweed has become a wardrobe icon- a must-have item for discerning customers across the globe.